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GauchoGourmet is our desire to share with every family what our family has been enjoying for generations. You will notice that a big part of our store is highly focused on Yerba Mate Tea and everything Yerba Mate encompasses. Why? Simply because in addition to Yerba Mate being part of our history, tradition, and daily lives, Yerba Mate is now in high demand throughout the world for its wonderful health benefits, symbolism, and ritual of friendship and community. For us, drinking Yerba Mate begins at an early age. While most societies prevent children from developing a coffee drinking habit at an early age, for us in Argentina, drinking Yerba Mate is part of our childhood diet. We offer an extensive list of traditional and authentic Yerba Mate Tea and for those who prefer more fruity flavors we also have Yerba Mate Flavors and Yerba Mate in Tea Bags. In addition to Yerba Mate Tea, we have other Argentine delicacies including Dulce De Leche, Dulce De Batata, Dulce De Membrillo, Chorizos Sausages, Morcillas, Sal Parrillera, Empanada Shells, Chimichurri, and further related products of Yerba Mate including Mates, Bombillas, Termos, Matermos and Mate books. When it comes to Europe, we offer numerous Spanish food items including everything from Jamon Serrano, Spanish Chorizos, Manchego Cheese to Vinegar, Olive Oil, Olives, Saffron - Azafrán, and Piquillo Peppers. The Italian Food products range from Balsamic Vinegar and Extra Virgin Olive Oil to Espresso Coffee and Coffee Makers. We hope you enjoy shopping with us!!!