Yerba Mate
Yerba Mate Starter Kit Gift Set with Imported Canister

Yerba Mate Starter Kit Gift Set with Imported Canister

Packing: 1 super prem set
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Super Premium starter kit. Great gift set to be given as a to friends or relatives featuring Art Deco Canister & Artisan Carob tree or Algarrobo Gourd


One beautifully decorated canister with a colorful classic and art deco pattern, imported from Italy. Each canister has a rubber lined seal-tight lid that closes with a spring loaded latch to ensure freshness. Insides are clean, smooth and food safe.

One artisan Carbo tree or Algarrobo gourd. Made by South American natives. This wood originates in the vast geography of the Pampas, and in the different regions of Argentina. They vary in colors according to the type of soil where the Carob Tree grows. From he northern part of Argentina, the wood of the Carob tree are dark brown in color. Those from Chaco Province are redish and those from the Litoral Provinces are yellow. This excellent and delicate piece of art can be used to drink mate or to exhibit as a unique piece of wood carving Art.

One 1.1 lb (500 g) TARAGUI - Yerba Mate Tea. If you would like a different brand or style of the same size, please feel free to call us or email us at or call us toll free 877-837-0521.

One stainless steel bombilla

One brush for bombilla cleaning

Taragui yerba mate, with its unique personality, is the leading yerba in Argentina. Made in Corrientes since 1924, it has been cultivated, harvested and processed at its origin by true specialists. Different varieties make it possible to enjoy all the characteristics that distinguish Taragui. Taragui with stems has intense, genuine flavors.

Medium flavor yerba mate made with stems. The stems add a slightly wooden taste and tend to make it a bit lighter. This is the most traditional and common Mate drinking style and is also known as yerba con palo.

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