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The Argentine Wines Book: English Edition By Raul Riba D'ave

The Argentine Wines Book: English Edition By Raul Riba D'ave

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Argentine Wines: Foreword - The History of Wine in Argentina - Argentine Wine in the World - Varietal Wines versus Blended Wines - Grape Varieties in Argentina - Predominant Red Grape Varieties in Argentina- Predominant White Grape Varieties in Argentina - What is the Clone of a Vine? - The Wine Areas - Wine Production - Stages in Wine Production - The Production of Sparkling Wine - Brut or Demi-Sec? Which One Should be Chosen? - Champagne in Argentina - Serving Sparkling Wines - The Wine Life Cycle - The Three Main Defects of Wine - The Storing of Wine - The Cork Oak - What Happens in the Bottle While the Wine Ages? - Change of Colour - Wine and Wood - Oak Barrel Maturation - Large Oak Cask Maturation - Maturation in Stainless Steel or Concrete Tanks - Label Interpretation - Big Bottle Sizes - Flavours that can be Distinguished - The Glasses - Glasses and Flavours - The Glass and the Sight - Glasses and Aromas - Cleaning Crystal Glasses - Corkscrew - Capsule Cutter - Thermometer - The Drop Stop - The Decanter - Decantation and Montchenot - The Pliers - The Home Wine Cellar - Where Should you Store your Wine? - Food, Wine and Friends - Food and Argentine Wines - The Four Phases of Wine Tasting - Aromas of the Main Varietals - Glossary Hard cover 128 pages Full colour 17.5 x 11.7 cm 6.9 x 4.6 inches ISBN 987-947904-1. “The vine may be very good, and the winemaker may be very good, but the resulting wine can be miserable, if Nature is not on manis side.” Raul Riba D'Ave

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