Evita English Edition Her Complete History

Evita English Edition Her Complete History

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Evita, Life & Pictures: Childhood - Eva's Life as an Actress - "My Wonderful Day" - 17 October 1945 - The Marriage - The Eva Peron Social Help Foundation - Europe - The Feminist Movement - Her Work - Her Illness - The End - Life in Pictures. Soft cover 64 pages black, red and varnished 18 x 13 cm 7.1 x 5.1 inches ISBN 987-9479-130. "Eva entered my life like destiny. A tragic earthquake that shook the province of San Juan in the Andes, which almost destroyed the whole city, made me meet my wife... Among the people I received in my office those days, there was a fragile looking woman, with a firm voice, long blonde hair falling over her back and fever lit eyes. She said her name was Eva Duarte, a theatre and radio actress and that she wanted, at all costs, to be part of the relief action for the poor people of San Juan." Juan Domingo Peron.

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