Argentine Indians History of South American Natives

Argentine Indians History of South American Natives

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Argentine Indians: Argentine Indians - First Inhabitants - The Route of the Atlantic - Transpacific Connections - The Cave of the Hands - Cerro Colorado (Red Hill) - Pre-Columbian Art - Hunters of the South - The Hain - Canoeists of the End of the World - Giants of the South - Indians of North Patagonia - The Indians of the Pampas - The Horse and the Indian - The Malon - Mesopotamia and Gran Chaco - Guarani Indians - Central Area - Andean Tribes - Inca Influence - The Inhabitants of the Puna - Diaguitas and Calchaquies - The Wichis - The Poncho - The Conquest. Hard cover 32 pages Full color 17.5 x 11.7 cm 6.9 x 4.6 inches ISBN 987-9479-11-4. "The Indians live on their horses, as fishermen in their boats: Their element are the Pampas, as the element of the fishermen is the sea." Lucio V. Mansilla, A Trip to the Ranquel Indians, 1870.

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