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MINUS 8 Vinegar Canada 6.76 oz

MINUS 8 Vinegar Canada 6.76 oz

Packing: 6.76 oz (200 ml)
Code: 1001CN

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Once called “the Faberge egg of vinegars” by Nick Faucald in the Wine Spectator, this haute cuisine cult favorite is dark, concentrated, raisin-ripe and mellow. Produced, as for ice wine, from a proprietary blend of white and red grapes hand-rescued from sub-zero temperatures (thus the name Minus 8) and quickly pressed, this coveted ice vinegar was for years only available to top chefs whose menus could match it, glory for glory.

Rapidly spreading through the menus of America’s finest restaurants, it became a treasured glazing for fine dishes from venison and foie gras to vegetables and sauces, from appetizers through dessert. This versatile sweetheart of great chefs is an impressive balancing act of sweetness and acidity. Its complexity and depth is far greater, some say, than that of balsamic or sherry vinegar.

What began as a hobby for a vinegar-making couple in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada, who have since been hounded into anonymity by foodie enthusiasts, Minus 8 is today a highly prized boutique vinegar now available here to all those who can appreciate the finest things in life.

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