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Packing: 1.1 lb (500 g)
Code: 1001MO

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Cafe La Morenita began in 1890 as a small family business. At that time, coffee used to be sold on the streets, weight and ground view, permeating the city of intense and exquisite aroma. With the arrival of immigrants to Argentina, many families from diverse backgrounds agreed to adopt new habits. It was during this time that salesmen of La Morenita left to roam the streets in horse-drawn wagons, selling coffee, loose, house by house.

La Morenita uses a traditional process to keep such a characteristic and unmistakable taste of its coffee. Expect this gourmet coffee to have a intense flavor.

Recommendations for best use of La Morenita Coffee:

-Store the coffee in the freezer, where it remains in its natural state, or else, in the fridge, to keep it fresh and aromatic. In this way the coffee maintains its natural properties.

-Check that they have never spent more than six months from date of packaging. The coffee must be fresh.

-The water has to be fresh and filtered, because unfiltered water will affect the taste of coffee.

-The water should not exceed a boil. The ideal temperature is 94/96 ° C.

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