PARTY PLATTER Feed 20 Tier 3

PARTY PLATTER Feed 20 Tier 3

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GauchoGourmet’s Party Platters are the perfect solution to any entertainer’s needs! Order a platter today for an easy addition to pot luck, to enjoy with friends and wine, or to start off the perfect dinner party. You will receive everything necessary to enjoy a delicious meat and cheese platter and even have it arranged so you need not dirty one knife, cutting board, or dish! Platters come on plastic disposable platters and accompaniments in deli cups. Call today to add on beautiful terra cotta serving dishes to transfer sides into when you get home.

Tier 2 is the perfect intermediate platter of meats and cheeses. You will have a selection of meats and cheeses that will please everyone, especially those with a little more experienced palate. For descriptions or more information about meats and cheese call the warehouse today.


Hot Coppa by Salumeria Biellese

Speck Smoked Prosciutto imported from Italy by Recla

Toscano Sopressata by Salumeria Biellese

Finocchietta Fennel Salami by Salumeria Biellese

Napolitana Sopressata by Salumeria Biellese


Bucheron – French goat’s milk with creamy outside and soft, crumbly center

Blue D’Auvergne – cow’s milk imported from France

Manchego 6 month Reserva – Spanish sheep’s milk

Porter Aged Cheddar – cow’s milk Irish cheddar with Guinness

Monte Veronese – Italian cow’s milk


Mediterranean Olive Medley with Herbs de Provence

Cipollini Onions in Balsamic Vinegar

Spicy Calabrian Peppers in oil

Membrillo or Quince

Spanish Fig Bread with nuts

Assortment of Dried Fruits and nuts


Don’t forget to look at our canapés, hors d’oeuvres, and desserts that will make your entire evening of entertaining an absolute breeze and your friends will leave thinking you are the most gourmet cook they know!

**Party Platter to feed 30 will come with two 18” plastic platters with dome lids containing one for meats, one for cheeses, and all dried fruit and nuts. The other accompaniments will come in separate plastic containers. All items in platters are subject to market availability. We reserve the right to exchange any item for another of equal value.

**Picture may not be actual item, this is only for example of platter composition.

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