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SEASONS OF MY HEART Smoked Mole Paste 5 oz

SEASONS OF MY HEART Smoked Mole Paste 5 oz

Packing: 5 oz (142 g)
Code: 1009MEX

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This hot and flavorful smoked mole paste is based on smoked Oaxacan chile pasillas, a favorite chile among chefs for its interesting and smoky flavor, grown in the cloud forests of the Sierra Norte. This paste is a combination of the toasted chiles, roasted garlic and Istmenian sea salt. Use in quick salsas, marinades for chicken or beef, or add as a smoky component to beans or other sauces. This vibrant and spicy chile paste is excellent for vegetarian cooking!

Seasons of My Heart brand Mexican gourmet products are based in Oaxaca, Mexico. Chef Susana Trilling started this line in 1993 in response to requests from both students and Mexican restaurants in the U.S. and Europe for high quality, handmade Mexican ingredients, allowing greater access to our food products throughout the world. Oaxaca is known as the culinary gemstone of Mexico and its regional cuisine is viewed by chefs and aficionados alike as unique and traditional. Specific spices and ingredients are used to create this complex blend of flavors not widely available to the main stream market.

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