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TARTINES & POTAGER Verjuice from Perigord 750 ml

TARTINES & POTAGER Verjuice from Perigord 750 ml

Packing: 1.32 Pt (750 ml)
Price: $24.00
Code: 1052FR


In French cooking of the Bordeaux area and Perigord during the Middle Ages, verjus or verjuice, the pure juice of green grapes, was as ubiquitous in cooking as olive oil is today. It was used to delicious advantage in preference to vinegar or lemon in traditional recipes. TARTINES & POTAGER Verjuice from Perigord is used today for deglazing sauces or seasoning salads in some of the finest restaurants in the world. It continues to bring refinement, fullness and flavor to numerous game dishes and foie gras. It has the capacity to create healthy, flavorful sauces and accompany, without overpowering, fine wines. All natural, no preservatives.

TARTINES & POTAGER is committed to the promotion of organically grown products, balanced nutrition and respect of the environment.

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