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KIMBO Espresso Coffee Ground Espresso Napolitano 8 oz

KIMBO Espresso Coffee Ground Espresso Napolitano 8 oz

Packing: 8 oz black can
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The most authentic interpretation of the Neapolitan tradition in coffee: Kimbo Espresso Napoletano is a blend of the finest coffees, roasted according to the authentic Neapolitan tradition. The full body and intense flavour, together with the persistent crema, make it unique. Kimbo Espresso Napoletano with its pervasive aroma is the espresso of your dreams.

Caffeine content (per cup): 0.12%.

Napoli, the world capital of espresso coffee, is where Cafè do Brasil, the producers of Caffè Kimbo and Caffè Kosè, started out. It’s one of the great Italian success stories, that started in the ’50s in the historical centre of Naples where a small roasting plant was set up for the sale of roasted coffee to coffee bars and coffee shops. At the height of the exhilarating economic boom of the sixties, the coffee market reached a significant turning point: new packaging systems allowed the product to be sold in tins.

The founders of the company understood the importance of this innovation, which offered better preservation of the product and a wider distribution. They created the brand name – Cafè do Brasil – to supply coffee with a unique quality and taste to households and coffee bars. Thanks to the expertise gained in the field, the company grew exponentially and is today one of the leading roasters in Europe, continually capturing new markets worldwide.

The ability to understand and anticipate trends in consumers’ tastes is reflected in the prominent market share achieved: Cafè do Brasil, with the brand names Caffè Kimbo and Caffè Kosè, have held second place since 1994 on the Italian retail market for packaged coffee.

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