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CANARIAS Yerba Mate Tea NO stems Loose 2.2 lbs

CANARIAS Yerba Mate Tea NO stems Loose 2.2 lbs

Packing: 2.2 lbs (1 kg)
Code: 1070SA

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Canarias yerba mate has one of the highest proportions of pure leaf yerba and an appropriate balance between powder and stick. This product is 100% natural with no added artificial preservatives or other chemicals. For this reason, slight variations may occur occasionally in the flavor throughout the year. The leaves of the yerba mate tree used for the manufacture of this product come from the states of Santa Catarina, Paraná and Rio Grande Do Sul in Brazil. The trees growing in native forests whose ideal microclimate fosters the development of the properties of the leaf. After pre-drying and milling process, Canarias yerba harvest is allowed to rest in bags of 50 kg for a period of 4-6 months at a temperature and humidity controlled environment to ensure consistent product quality between different batches. Because of its composition, this yerba ensures a bitter and intense flavor, typical of Canarias.

Strong flavor yerba mate made with NO stems. This pure leaf version is also known as sin palo and provides a stronger and cleaner tea.

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