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TRABLIT Liquid Coffee Extract France 33.8 fl oz

TRABLIT Liquid Coffee Extract France 33.8 fl oz

Packing: 33.8 oz (1 L)
Price: $47.95
Code: 1100FR


A staple of the French pastry kitchen, the choice of top pastry chefs in Europe and around the world for generations, TRABLIT is the premium coffee extract, ready to go wherever a call for the flavor of coffee is heard, which seems to be practically anywhere and everywhere.

This genuinely French extrait de café liquide is undiluted, unadulterated with alcohol. With nothing to distract from a pure coffee richness, TRABLIT Liquid Coffee Extract is composed of nothing but dry coffee, water, and just enough sugar to ensure a smooth aftertaste. TRABLIT instantly imparts an intense, straightforward coffee flavor, whether the call to duty is a chocolate sauce, coffee-flavored cake or muffins, ice creams, syrups, beverages or a pastry cream. Can such a thing be overdone? We think not.

TRABLIT was born in 1845 when a pharmacist developed a process of extracting from coffee its pure essence of flavor. The company has also been selecting and roasting the world’s best coffees ever since.

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