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GRIOTTINES Morello Cherries in Kirsch from France 20.1 oz

GRIOTTINES Morello Cherries in Kirsch from France 20.1 oz

Packing: 20.1 oz (517 g)
Code: 1110FR

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To know them is to love them. These wild Morello cherries in liqueur and kirsch will be welcomed anywhere with open arms. In cakes, crepes, as a garnish for cocktails or anything sweet, or spooned over vanilla ice cream, they make everything exceptional. Dipped into chocolate fondue, these cherries will be the first thing to disappear. Ruby-red gems of lusciousness, a delightful and elegant gift for any mature person on your list.

Produced in Fourgerolles, France, by the Grande Distilleries Pereux, world-renown specialist in macerated fruits. Hand-picked, carefully selected Oblachinska Morello cherries, grown only in the Balkans, are delicately stoned, then macerated in a series of liqueurs, ending with kirsch, for a total of six months, until the full consummation of flavors is accomplished.

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