Yerba Mate
TARAGUI Yerba Mate Tea Bags Regular

TARAGUI Yerba Mate Tea Bags Regular

Packing: 40/3g
Price Per Unit: $6.95
Price: $6.95
Code: 1151MA


Yerba mate in tea bags; a much more convenient way to a ppreciate the wonderful f lavors and health benefits of yerba-mate. While package d in small bags, the yerba tea retains all the attributes as if drank loos e. We just make it easier fo r you. Drink hot, as mate co cido, or cold, as terere or i ced ice. For more ways to en joy this please check the bla ck board to your left.

Nativa Brazil features pure, wild-crafted yerba ma te leaves from the San Mateu s region of the state of Para na, Brazil. Try the delicious pure-leaf which is grown in the oldest wild yerbales (yer ba forests) in the world. Nat iva only employs natural sust ainable harvesting practices. As sole-harvester of these f orest, they ensure that only ecologically sound cultivatio n is practiced.

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