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UNION Yerba Mate Tea Bags Regular

UNION Yerba Mate Tea Bags Regular

Packing: 25/3 g
Code: 1154MA

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Unionís Yerba mate in tea bags; a much more convenient way to appreciate the wonderful flavors and health benefits of yerba-mate. While packaged in small bags, the yerba tea retains all the attributes as if drank loose. Drink hot, as mate cocido, or cold, as terere or iced ice. We just make it easier for you. For more ways to enjoy this please check the black board to your left.

Union yerba mate, with its unique personality, is the leading yerba in Argentina. Made in Corrientes since 1924, it has been cultivated, harvested and processed at its origin by true specialists. Different varieties make it possible to enjoy all the characteristics that distinguish Union. Union with stems has intense, genuine flavors.

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