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LA CHINATA Sweet Smoked Paprika Powder 2.47 oz

LA CHINATA Sweet Smoked Paprika Powder 2.47 oz

Packing: 2.47 oz (70 g)
Code: 2030SP

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A little goes a long way! This popular little spice packs a punch like no paprika you have ever met and inspires the devotion of a surprising number of die hard fans worldwide. Sweet Smoked Paprika Powder, or Pimenton de la Vera, is the offspring of chili peppers from the La Vera region, known for its particularly high quality smoked paprika. Dried slowly over smoldering fires fed by local oak for an infusion of greatness, the peppers are driven steadily to their concentrated essence and then stone ground. Indispensable for paella and chorizo, just a touch rouses meats, fish, eggs, cheese, olives or yogurt salad with its subtle, yet deep and calmly assertive flavor. As a rub for meat, La Chinata sweet smoked paprika powder catches you from behind with its seductive smokiness and sudden complexity.

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