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CHIQUILIN Spanish Smoked Paprika Powder 2.64 oz

CHIQUILIN Spanish Smoked Paprika Powder 2.64 oz

Packing: 2.64 oz (75 g)
Code: 2032SP

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Paella anyone? Or just a little secret ingredient for your pantry? In Spanish cooking, pimenton ahumado or smoked paprika is indispensable, adding depth, taste and color to a wide variety of dishes!

CHIQUILIN Smoked Paprika is the typical rich and complex Spanish pepper spice with smokey overtones and will release its unique flavor particularly well in paella, beef and lamb dishes or on the grill and roasted vegetables. The Spaniards have developed a particular technique for producing their famous smoked paprika. Dried slowly over smoldering fires fed by local oak for an infusion of greatness, their peppers are steadily driven to their concentrated essence and are then stone ground. The result: A much more complex, pronounced and powerful aroma and flavor than other sun-dried varieties! One note: Since pimenton has a very high natural sugar content, be careful not to overcook the spice or it will burn. Add only to dishes when liquids are present and be mindful with high heat.

The Chiquilin brand is part of Luis Penalva, SL, a century-old family business, proud to bring you the best flavors by selecting pure products of only the best quality!

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