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BALCARCE Alfajores Clasicos Mixtos 12 units

BALCARCE Alfajores Clasicos Mixtos 12 units

Packing: 19 oz (540 gr)
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Out Of Stock

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BALCARCE Alfajores Clasico Mixtos are everything any Alfajores fan is looking for. A box full of the freshest and best quality Argentine sweet sandwich cookies filled with delicious dulce de leche. On top of that, our mixed box features the two most popular and traditional versions of Alfajores: 6 cookies covered with a creamy semi-sweet chocolate coating and the other 6 with meringue, a mixture of beaten egg whites and sugar. Both coatings are just right in the degree of sweetness and will crumble in one bite – perfect and just the way it should be!

And what makes these Alfajores better than others, comparable only to the high prestige Havanna Alfajores? Traditional craftsmanship with many years of experience in the making of artisanal Argentine desserts, only selected ingredients and recipes from the ‘good old days’.

And if you have never had an Alfajor before and are wondering why we and many other people are quite crazy about them, this beautiful description of an Alfajor by Julia Bainbridge, a writer for Conde Nast, puts it in a nutshell: “ A crumbly, gooey, chocolate-dipped, fantastic mess of an Argentine cookie. Your teeth break through the semi-hard chocolate shell, then your tongue fills with lumps of sugary dough, and then, finally, the caramel seals it all into your mouth, so you can close your jaw and mix the three together with every chomp.” Enjoy!

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