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CHIQUILIN Spanish Pine Nuts 1.23 oz

CHIQUILIN Spanish Pine Nuts 1.23 oz

Packing: 1.23 oz (35 g)
Code: 2060SP

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The distinctive, buttery pine nut flavor and its rich crunch is at home in countless Mediterranean delicacies! Pine nuts are used primarily as in ingredient in recipes, desserts, salads, and of course, basil pesto! In Spain pine nuts are used to stuff a turkey, along with raisins, or are tossed with sautéed greens. These genuine CHIQUILIN Spanish Pine Nuts are from the stone pine.

The Chiquilin brand is part of Luis Penalva, SL, a century-old family business, proud to bring you the best flavors by selecting pure products of only the best quality!

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