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BEAUFOR French Gherkins or Cornichons in Vinegar 24.2 oz

BEAUFOR French Gherkins or Cornichons in Vinegar 24.2 oz

Packing: 24.2 oz (685 g)
Code: 2201FR

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These dark green, little gherkins in vinegar or Cornichons au Vinaigre in French by BEAUFOR are the perfect accompaniment to your pates, saucissons, cold meat and hams, or just enjoyed cut in half in a sandwich or with fine cheese adding a delicate crunch and acidity! They are also used as an ingredient in fish recipes and in sauces such as Sauce Rémoulade, Sauce Gribiche and tartare sauce. The tartness of Cornichons is actually used to offset the richness of other savory food, such as meat pâtés and smoked meats or cheese for example in Raclette. Of course, there are cucumbers that are grown specially to make Cornichons from and they are picked when very young and slender, only about 2 inches (5 cm) long. The preparation process involves first brining, then blanching, and finally pickling in white wine vinegar. Our Beaufor Cornichons are produced in the Champagne region of Reims, preserved in a vinegar juice, tarragon, white pickled onions, mustard seeds and coriander and even feature a special plastic basket to easily reach the rather small (about the size of your baby finger), maybe two-bite little gems. What an easy and healthy snack!

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