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SABAROT French Green Kidney Beans Flageolet 17.65 oz

SABAROT French Green Kidney Beans Flageolet 17.65 oz

Packing: 17.6 oz (500 g)
Price: $8.00
Code: 2230FR


The green kidney bean, or flageolet, meaning “flute” (for its dainty shape), is the filet mignon of beans! Firm and smooth, creamy and dense, these authentically French kidney beans are harvested young and manage to keep their girlish figures through long cooking. Tender and tiny, these pale green kidney beans are a standard in French cooking. Green kidney beans extravagantly complement lamb, fish or chicken. In salads, the green kidney bean brings a rich, savory creaminess. Sometimes used in cassoulet, the green kidney bean lends a touch of class to the simplest of country dishes.

Widely recognized for their outstanding nutritional and culinary assets, dry beans are excellent sources of non-fat protein, fiber and minerals.

The Sabarot company was founded in 1819 in the Haute Loire.

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