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SABAROT Green Lentils from Le Puy 1.1 lb

SABAROT Green Lentils from Le Puy 1.1 lb

Packing: 1.1 lb (500 g)
Code: 2232FR

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The name of Green Lentils from Le Puy is a Protected Origin Appellation, or Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC). The production of Green Lentils from Le Puy is restricted exclusively to a specific, approved geographic area. Only green lentils from this specified region of the Haute Loire, cultivated in the traditional way, and selected and processed according to AOC standards for Green Lentils of Le Puy can call themselves such. This label guarantees the origin and quality of the lentil.

Brought up in this privileged, protected environment, following a 2,000-year-old tradition, the Green Lentil of Le Puy owes its exceptional qualities to its motherland, its terroir, the French word for a felicitous combination of the shape, lay and mineral composition of the land in collaboration with its particular climatic conditions. Every element of this environment conspires together for the final product, each essential to the particular flavor, texture and nutritional power of the Green Lentil from Le Puy.

This product is typical of the Haute Loire, where the microclimate, with its dry wind, and the red volcanic Velay soil provide the ideal conditions for the perfect lentils. Green Lentils from Le Puy are the fruit of environmentally respectful cultivation of the earth.

The carefully orchestrated elements of the composition of a Le Puy lentil also include the traditional sowing of the seed by an old moon, which favors an abundance of grain. It’s part of a proven set of traditions, all well worth safeguarding.

Marbled green-blue Le Puy lentils are truly living grains, flavorful and health-giving. Rich in protein, fiber and minerals, these lentils offer a delicate taste, non-starchy texture and quick cooking. The Green Lentils from Le Puy are the only lentils that will do when authenticity of flavor and quality really matters.

The Sabarot company was founded in 1819 in the Haute Loire.

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