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ANNALISA Italian Borlotti Beans 12.3 oz

ANNALISA Italian Borlotti Beans 12.3 oz

Packing: 12.3 oz (350 g)
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Irreplaceable for authentic Italian stew, pasta or soup recipes, the borlotti is an uncommon bean, yet so common in Italy. A relative of the pinto and kidney bean, speckled red and white, this nutty-tasting bean is also known as the cranberry bean, the crab eye bean or the rosecoco bean.

These carefully selected beans are grown with your most flavorful soup recipes in mind: using integrated cultivation techniques that harness the power of nature through ecology-friendly farming practices, and preserved without additives to maintain all the qualities that make them a delight to the senses—fragrant, mouthwatering, and firm—up to the final challenge of taste.

Giving authentic flavor to all your pasta, stew and soup recipes, these beans make a dish that’s unforgettable.

Brought to you by the Annalisa company, founded in the mid-1960s by the Senesi and Lodato families.

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