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EDMOND FALLOT French Dijon Mustard 7.2 oz

EDMOND FALLOT French Dijon Mustard 7.2 oz

Packing: 7.2 oz (205 g)
Code: 2244FR

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A confident, full-flavored Dijon mustard for the Dijon mustard lover! This smooth, yet aggressive, traditionally stone ground mustard will empower the most unimposing daily fare and ennoble the most lofty of special occasion dishes. This genuine Dijon mustard is your top choice for an authentic, classic French vinaigrette salad dressing, or for trowelling generously on a straightforward steak.

Fallot Mustard Mill has been a family-owned company in France’s Burgundy region since 1840, and supports a current revival of the cultivation of mustard seed in Burgundy.

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