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CASTELLANI Red Split Lentils 17.6 oz

CASTELLANI Red Split Lentils 17.6 oz

Packing: 17.6 oz (500 g)
Code: 2250IT

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CASTELLANI Italian Red Split Lentils, or red lentils are actually a vibrant orange. Tiny and quick-cooking, with a mild, earthy flavor, these red lentils hold their own against the assertive flavors of traditional Indian dishes, add a hearty texture to Italian soups and stews, and are delicious accompaniment to sausage. High in protein and fiber, red lentils are a standard ingredient in vegetarian cooking. Originating in southwest Asia along the Indus River, red lentils have been a staple crop of south Asia for more than 8,000 years, along the way finding their rightful places in the favorite dishes of the Mediterranean, both north African and Europe.

The CASTELLANI company, founded in 1959 by the Castellani brothers, builds its reputation on a deep knowledge of the earth and its produce, for an authenticity that backs up an unbeatable flavor.

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