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Sicilian Wild Oregano 1.06 oz

Sicilian Wild Oregano 1.06 oz

Packing: 1.06 oz (30 g)
Code: 2320IT

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From the beautiful island of Sicily, a place where wild foods in all of its forms have not been forgotten, comes this prized and acclaimed dried wild oregano.

Sicily has a very rich and complex history of invasion and oppression, and the islanders have since long been used to foraging the wild to find their food. Even today, some of the more poor inhabitants still lead a peasant life and eat a usually vegetarian diet. In the north-eastern part of the country, the landscape is dominated by the still very active Mount Etna volcano. Rich, incredibly fertile soils lay on its slopes and produce a flora beautiful and flavorful at the same time. No matter, wild or cultivated, the foods grown on this soil are just so full of flavor and delicious!

The Wild Oregano that grows on the slopes of Mount Etna is a fantastic meaty herb that is well known in Italian and Sicilian cooking. Rather than using it fresh, Oregano actually benefits from being dried. It has an intense aroma and will add a touch of wilderness and Sicily especially to home-made pizza, tomato sauces, braised and broiled meats, stews, soups and salads. The Oregano branches are handpicked in full blossom and air-tight packed to retain the aroma. When ready to use, just take the branches out and shake slightly over your pizza or dish for the flowers and leaves to loosen and add their superior flavor to your favorite recipe!

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