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SOCIETE Roquefort price per lb

SOCIETE Roquefort price per lb

Packing: approx 3 lbs (1.4 kg)
Code: 3009FR

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Legend has it that in ancient times, a shepherd boy ran off to follow a pretty shepherdess, leaving his lunch of bread and curdled sheep’s milk in the cool shelter of a cave. Coming back several days later, he found his milk amazingly better for the neglect: marbled with green veins, firm and deliciously creamy. Thus Roquefort was born by serendipitous chance.

Since 1863, the SOCIETE brand name has continued to refine that shepherd’s discovery through the savoir-faire of master cheesemakers. Beginning with 12 to 13 liters of the raw, full-fat milk of a Lacaune sheep, raised traditionally and nourished with locally produced feed, in one of a few approved regions, a Roquefort of 2.9 kilos enters the cellar for aging. Three to ten months of maturation follow. The secrets to the production of Roquefort lies in its 17th century cellars, with finely balanced microclimate of humidity, circulation of air, and temperature. Every element of the environment is purposeful and essential in the production of the perfect Roquefort.


During summer time and hotter months, this item is recommended to be shipped 2nd Day Air to ensure freshness. During other cooler months, item is recommended to be shipped 3rd Day Select. We cool this item with ice blocks but dry ice is also available for an extra charge. If you would like dry ice to be used, please call to let us know. Final shipping costs will be not be reflected on website order if dry ice is requested. Final shipping costs will be calculated once the item is packaged. Customers will be informed of such costs prior to shipping.

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