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SAVANNAH BEE COMPANY All-Natural Honeycomb 15 oz

SAVANNAH BEE COMPANY All-Natural Honeycomb 15 oz

Packing: 15 oz (425g)
Price: $30.65
Code: 3010US


A hand-cut square of honeycomb, direct from the bee hive frame, is the natural packing of what SAVANNAH BEE COMPANY beekeeper Ted Dennard calls “the purest honey possible.” All natural and raw, with no further processing or interference, the honey and the comb are 100 percent edible. Filled with the concentrated essence of flowers, this natural honey delicacy, straight from its maker, the bee, is fabulously served with fruit, cheese and edible blossoms. Your guests will be like bees to the honey! Kosher certified.

As an all-natural allergy therapy, chew a little wax from the raw honeycomb for 20 minutes every day.

For SAVANNAH BEE COMPANY beekeeper Ted Dennard, bees have been a way of life since his youth. After teaching beekeeping in Central American villages and voyaging around the world, from New Zealand where he learned about the medicinal manuka honey there, to Vietnam to see the rubber honey, his passion continued to grow as he began bottling his own honey and handcrafting bee wax lip balms back home in Savannah, Georgia. In 2002, he quit his day job, mortgaged his home and launched the Savannah Bee Company.

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