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CEFALU Superfino Arborio Rice for Risotto 35 oz

CEFALU Superfino Arborio Rice for Risotto 35 oz

Packing: 35 oz (1 kg)
Code: 3302IT

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A skillfully prepared risotto, in which the rice is slowly braised, allowing the unique arborio starches to absorb cooking liquids and its flavors, may well be one of the finest dishes you will ever taste! Ideal for risotto, this arborio is grown in the very heart of Lomellina, a region in Lombardy in the north of Italy famous for its rice fields. Superfino short-grain variety is the preferred choice for an authentic risotto’s characteristic firm, starchy bite combined with creamy lusciousness. Vacuum packed to maintain its taste and nutritional value. Open the package and you’ll taste rice as fresh as the day it was packed.

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