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AL BADIA Couscous Medium Grain 17.63 oz

AL BADIA Couscous Medium Grain 17.63 oz

Packing: 17.63 oz (500 g)
Code: 3330FR

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Pure premium quality durum semolina wheat, this medium grain couscous has been selected, rolled and pre-steamed, for the traditional five-minute preparation time. Its golden granules swell without sticking.

What is couscous?

Once said to be so nice they named it twice, couscous is sometimes mistaken for a grain, like rice, but is in fact a type of pasta, made of durum wheat, but granulated instead of cut into shapes. Well prepared couscous has agreeably tender, fluffy-crumbly texture and a mild nutty taste.

Couscous plays a role similar to that of rice, noodles or potatoes at the table. Its a simple starch dish generally keeping company with any number of sauces, meats or salads.

Originating in Morocco and first documented in a cookbook in the 13th century, couscous is a staple of North African cooking, especially traditional stews such as lamb tagine, and is extremely popular at the French table.

Normally sold pre-steamed, couscous preparation generally requires only the additional of boiling water or broth and a few minutes of soaking to absorb the liquid to be reconstituted and ready to serve.

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