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ARDANI Italian Polenta Flour Bramata 35.25 oz

ARDANI Italian Polenta Flour Bramata 35.25 oz

Packing: 35.25 oz (1 kg)
Price: $5.95
Code: 3332IT


This traditional polenta meal is a medium grind, gleaming yellow cornmeal from the Ardani Molino, or mill, in Magnaco, Italy. Named Bramata or “coveted,” this full-flavored meal in a resealing bag is genuine Italian-style polenta.

What is polenta?

Polenta is a simple dish of ground cornmeal, with a smooth, creamy consistency, similar to American grits, as they call them down south, or cornmeal mush, as it’s known in the north. A staple of the Italian peasant table, Polenta has hit the gourmet circuit in the United States. A native of Italy’s Fruili region and traditionally cooked in a big copper pot called a pailolo, Polenta lends itself to a limitless variety of accompaniments and reinventions, from plain old good to grand and glorious.

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