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ROUGIE Mousse of Duck Foie Gras with 2 percent truffles 11.2 oz

ROUGIE Mousse of Duck Foie Gras with 2 percent truffles 11.2 oz

Packing: 11.2 oz (320 g)
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Foie Gras, delicate, buttery, smooth perfection, is a cultural and culinary tradition protected by French law. And no wonder. One of the world’s most appreciated and prized gourmet delights, melt-on-the-tongue foie gras is the symbol of seriously luxurious and celebratory eating, a true masterpiece of gastronomy.

This extraordinary selection unites the glories of foie gras with the splendidly aromatic truffle, the pinnacle of all mushrooms.

Literally “fat liver,” foie gras was first produced in ancient Egypt, as it was discovered that wild geese migrating into the Nile Delta for the winter had amazingly delicious and plump livers, thanks to their ability to fatten themselves for endurance on the long flight from the north. Like those early Egyptians, today’s breeders replicate this natural process of fattening the liver, called steatosis, by using feeding tubes to fill a bird’s crop with corn, in a highly skilled, painless procedure. The ROUGIÉ foie gras farms are small, family operations, where stresses are reduced to a minimum for the birds.

A guilt-free pleasure, duck fat is similar to olive oil in composition, full of unsaturated fatty acids, and thus may be a factor, along with red wine, in explaining the famous “French paradox” of how the French are able to eat so luxuriously yet remain so healthy.

ROUGIÉ, founded in 1875, is based in Sarlat, the capital of Périgord, the heart of France’s most celebrated terroir, or natural production region, for gourmet delicacies. In 2007, ROUGIÉ confirmed its status as the authority in foie gras by opening its School of Foie Gras in Pau, where celebrated chefs pass on their expertise in this finest of refinements.

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