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ROUGIE Duck Fat 11.28 oz

ROUGIE Duck Fat 11.28 oz

Packing: 11.28 oz (320 g)
Code: 4006FR

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This rendered duck fat from Canada-raised ducks is ideal for fried potatoes or homemade duck confit. A guilt-free pleasure, this all-natural, 100 percent duck fat is similar in composition to olive oil and full of unsaturated fatty acids. A favorite of the French, duck fat may thus may be a factor, along with red wine, in explaining the famous “French paradox” of how the French are able to eat so luxuriously yet remain so healthy.

ROUGIÉ, founded in 1875, is based in Sarlat, the capital of Périgord, the heart of France’s most celebrated terroir, or natural region, for gourmet delicacies. In 2007, ROUGIÉ confirmed its status as the authority in the world of gourmet meat products by opening its School of Foie Gras in Pau, where celebrated chefs pass on their expertise.

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