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ROUGIE Perigord Duck Rillettes 2.8 oz

ROUGIE Perigord Duck Rillettes 2.8 oz

Packing: 2.8 oz (80 g)
Price: $6.95
Code: 4008FR


ROUGIÉ Périgord Duck Rillettes is a rich, compact, meaty terrine, a kind of meatloaf served cold as a spread,. This duck terrine is made in Canada with a traditional French recipe, with duck meat cooked tender and tasty with its fat, long and slow. Enhanced with breadcrumbs, white wine, onions, herbs, garlic, and a pinch of nutmeg, this people-pleasing terrine is ideal as part of a farm-style French tea time, when the rays of the sunset are slanting through the kitchen window. Spread this flavorful terrine on a slice from a crusty loaf of bread, alongside a French cornichon pickle and a cup of hot tea, café au lait, or a glass of simple red wine. A remarkable treat. This versatile duck terrine is equally at ease coaxing appetites at a cocktail party or elegant dinner party.

ROUGIÉ, founded in 1875, is based in Sarlat, the capital of Périgord, the heart of France’s most celebrated terroir, or natural production region, for gourmet delicacies. In 2007, ROUGIÉ confirmed its status as the authority in foie gras by opening its School of Foie Gras in Pau, where celebrated chefs pass on their expertise in this finest of refinements.

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