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FERMIN Salchichón Ibérico Sausage whole 7 oz.

FERMIN Salchichón Ibérico Sausage whole 7 oz.

Packing: 7 oz (200 g)
Code: 4068SP

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Salchichón Ibérico, made by celebrated producer Fermín, is a quintessential Spanish delicacy featuring a taste and texture that deserves to be listed among the finest Ibérico pig products! It is made in a similar manner to chorizo which is a dry-cured sausage and genuinely Spanish product characterized by the use of pimento (smoked paprika) and garlic as the main condiments. Salchichón Ibérico in contrast does not use pimenton (smoked paprika) but is seasoned with salt and pepper, grated nutmeg and a pinch of coriander, so that the rich and nutty taste of the Ibérico pork shines through more boldly! The traditional process starts with mincing the lean pork and fat together with the rest of the condiments, producing a uniform and consistent paste. In the case of Salchichón Ibérico, exclusively the meat of the famous Ibérico pigs is used, giving this product and entirely different character. The sweeter and richer fat of the Ibérico pig infiltrates the meat and spices for a luxurious mouth feel and a taste and aroma that lasts longer than expected. After a resting period of the meat mixture it is stuffed into casings and cured in drying sheds for at least a month. This curing time allows the sausage to acquire a firm texture and exquisite aroma.

Slice this special Spanish sausage thinly and serve it with Manchego cheese, olives and fresh bread and a glass of Spanish white wine.

Fermín follows recipes and methods passed down for generations. Their black-hoofed Ibérico pigs, descendants of wild boars, are prized for their distinctive nutty flavor, attributed to a diet of grass, seeds, roots and grains, as well as acorns. The diet, coupled with the Ibérico pigs unique ability to store fat, results in an incomparable tenderness. All of Fermín’s Ibérico hams and sausages are cured in the mountain village of La Alberca where the cool, fresh air is a partner in the curing process.

Fully dry cured, no refrigeration needed.NOT PRESLICED.

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