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GARDELíS Chimichurri Spicy Grilling Sauce 9 oz

GARDELíS Chimichurri Spicy Grilling Sauce 9 oz

Packing: 9 oz (260 g)
Code: 4074SA

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Gardelís is no stranger to making chimichurri in the best way possible Ė the ARGENTINE way. This includes using all natural ingredients that are locally sourced and artfully prepared. There is no straying from tradition with this classic sauce that needs minimal ingredients: first press olive oil, parsley, garlic, and peppers.

Use this Argentine spicy chimichurri as dressing on salads or as a marinade for beef, chicken, pork or fish. Itís also great as a dipping sauce for bread and chips. This sauce is as authentic as the Gauchos of the Pampas who have been using this irreplaceable condiment in every meal. No table should be without it!

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