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PROVOLETA Veronica Grilling Aged Provolone 12 oz.

PROVOLETA Veronica Grilling Aged Provolone 12 oz.

Packing: 12 oz (340 g)
Price: $12.95
Code: 4080SA

Must Ship 3-Day Select or Sooner

Delicious Aged Provoleta already condimented ready for the pan or grill.

PROVOLONE CHEESE OR PROVOLETA, is a semisoft cheese aged and ideal to cook on a grill or pan. Once cooked it can be easily condimented with olive oil, oregano and red peppers and event topped off with tomato. This particular product comes already condimented, so all you need is to finish it off with some extra virgin olive oil.

During summer time and hotter months, this item is recommended to be shipped 3rd Day Select. We cool this item with ice blocks but dry ice is also available for an extra charge. If you would like dry ice to be used, please call to let us know. Final shipping costs will not be reflected on website order if dry ice is requested. Final shipping costs will be calculated once the item is packaged. Customers will be informed of such costs prior to shipping.

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