MR TANGO Grilling Sausage or Chorizo Argentino 1 lb

MR TANGO Grilling Sausage or Chorizo Argentino 1 lb

Packing: 4 sausages
Price: $7.75
Code: 4102SA

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This is the mild flavor variation of Mr. Tango’s delicious Argentine style cured pork sausage, excellent for grilling but also suitable for the oven or pan frying. Hot pimenton, garlic and spices give this sausage its true, bold Argentine flavor. Enjoy it alone or in any recipe calling for spicy sausages. Chorizo sausages are part of every traditional ‘asado’ or Argentinian BBQ, being the main appetizer. Try them like good Argentineans love it: inside a sandwich called ‘choripan’ topped with our chimichurri sauce. Add a nice green salad and you have an authentic Argentine meal.

Mr. Tango’s plant has been producing sausages in the US since the early 1950’s. They are specialized in manufacturing a wide variety of sausage styles, committed to satisfying different ethnical cultures in the US and providing them with products that will let them enjoy the traditional flavors from their home countries.

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