Spanish Feature: La Rambla Olive Oils
LA RAMBLA Single Olive XVOO 3 pk Special

LA RAMBLA Single Olive XVOO 3 pk Special

Packing: 3/17 oz (500 ml)
Code: 5018SP

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This special assortment brings you the best variety of Spanish single-olive extra virgin olive: from peppery to fruity to mild and smooth! This is all you will ever need for your gourmet kitchen!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil ‘PICUAL’

An Extra Virgin Olive Oil with slight peppery undertones and a marked personality. Picual is one of the most abundant and vigorous olives in the whole of Spain, featuring high productivity and capable of producing olive oils of exceptional quality, so readily recognized in this flavorsome La Rambla Picual.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil ‘CORNICABRA’

An olive oil originating from the Toledo region, central Spain. A slightly bitter, fruity monovarietal extra virgin, with hints of greens.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil ‘ARBEQUINA’

The Arbequina, a small olive, oval and practically symmetrical in shape, originated from the Catalonia region, where the Hazienda La Rambla head office and plantations are located. Featuring these attributes, La Rambla offers a remarkable monovarietal extra virgin olive oil with a perfect balance between mild, smooth flavor and intense aroma.

Hazienda La Rambla is a small Spanish firm founded by a group of professionals with over 20 years experience in the processing, commercialization and export of natural foods, especially olive oils, vinegars, olives, dried fruits, artichokes etc. It is a relatively young enterprise passionate about tradition, nature and constant quality, producing with processes that do not harm the environment and always committed to a social project to improve the lot of the most needy. Mechanical methods, suitable temperatures, controlled pressing time, proper decantation process, and ideal storage conditions, all such care is synonymous with Hazienda La Rambla’s highest quality olive oils.

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