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LA VILLA White Balsamic Vinegar in Wicker Mantle 16.9 oz

LA VILLA White Balsamic Vinegar in Wicker Mantle 16.9 oz

Packing: 16.9 oz (500 ml)
Price: $8.50
Code: 5052IT


This Balsamic Blanco or White Balsamic Vinegar by La Villa is exceptionally smooth vinegar with 5.4% acidity, milder and less sweet than regular Balsamic vinegar making it more suitable for use with salad dressings, since it does not have such a strong flavor which might overpower some salad greens. Aromatic with a quite particular flavor, this sweet and sour dressing is obtained from white wine vinegar and must of selected grapes. Traditional Balsamic vinegar is made with red wine vinegar, thus providing a deep reddish color which may add a undesirable tint to the food being dressed. This white variety can be used instead, especially when the color of white sauces or foods will be adversely affected by the dark brown color of traditional Balsamic vinegar. Try it on salads, in stews, marinades, eggs or vegetables. Not only will you appreciate the product but you will love the rustic bottle with a natural color wicker mantle.

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