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SANTA CATARINA Balsamic Cream 17 oz

SANTA CATARINA Balsamic Cream 17 oz

Packing: 17 oz (500 gr)
Price: $9.50
Code: 5060IT

New brand. Replaces Emiliani Balsamic Cream.

In every drop – The taste of tradition.

Our Santa Catarina Balsamic Cream is made of grape must and balsamic vinegar of Modena (49%) reduced to a syrupy delicious cream. Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, the “Black Gold” of Modena’s citizen, balsam for quality and healthy virtue, is obtained from must of selected Italian vines. The product is seasoned and aged in small barrels of different wood such as oak, chestnut and juniper, according to the tradition in the production area. The Balsamic Cream’s character is wonderfully sweet and sour like balsamic vinegar but with more fruity notes of plumes, raisins and ripe grapes. It comes in a squeeze bottle making it easy to use for plate decoration or drizzling on your favorite dishes giving a lovely tart contrast to desserts like ice cream or fruit salads or adding fruitiness to savory dishes like meats, fish and gourmet cheeses. This is probably the easiest way to dress a salad without having to mix a ton of things together. Some arugula, tomato, pine nuts, goat cheese and balsamic cream will do the trick and taste phenomenal!

The Emiliani Vinegar factory was established in 1926 in the Italian commune of Carbonara Scrivia, situated in the heart of one of the main wine producing regions in northern Italy. Now a fourth generation company in the field of vinegar production, Emiliani relies on a long and competent experience in the sector which you will surely taste in this exceptional product.

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