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BLAZE Fruity - Orange Balsamic Glaze 7.3 oz

BLAZE Fruity - Orange Balsamic Glaze 7.3 oz

Packing: 7.3 fl oz (215 ml)
Code: 5071IT

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The First Orange Balsamic BLAZE Fruity Glaze is one in the newest line of Blaze Glazes. This set of versatile sweetened vinegar reductions takes just about anything to the next level with a blast of sweet-tart fruit-infused flavor. Ready to go, itís the magic wand that grants the home cook the refinement of a professional chef in an instant.

Brushed on roasted or grilled meat, rice or couscous, or even desserts, it is the finishing garnish par excellence. With astonishing flavor and a consistency that allows it to shine wherever itís placed, it will be a welcome staple in your pantry. Made by the Acetum Company, in the Modena province, this ready-made reduction of premium balsamic vinegar opens a world of new flavors for the home cook. A little goes a long way, for plenty of experimentation and a great value.

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