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LA VECCHIA DISPENSA Saba Apple Must 33.8 fl oz

LA VECCHIA DISPENSA Saba Apple Must 33.8 fl oz

Packing: 33.8 oz (1 L)
Price: $64.00
Code: 5092IT


Saba is a unique syrup that may be the Italian chef’s best kept secret, until now. A sweet, thick syrup, similar to a balsamic vinegar, LA VECCHIA Saba is made from the must of apples—the freshly pressed juice with its skins, stems seeds—slowly, gently reduced to a caramelized sweet-tart syrup.

Used as a sweetener since the Roman times, Saba is delectable with a little fresh Parmiggiano Reggiano cheese, drizzled on grilled polenta, as a topping for sorbet or ice cream, or a flavoring for milkshakes or smoothies. This luxurious syrup is a star ingredient in Italian pastries, including Modena’s traditional Christmas cake. In Italy it’s even used as cough syrup, in warm milk as a traditional home remedy for sore throats, and as a tonic, diluted with warm water, to make sensitive skin glow.

The story of LA VECCHIA DISPENSA opens four generations back, when the family began to age balsamic vinegar. In the tradition of Modena, the treasured wooden casks of vinegar became the father’s dowry gift to his daughters. The legendary culinary traditions of Modena were sustained when in 1973 the family opened Al Castello, a restaurant in Piazza della Dama. Today, the La Vecchia Dispensa family continues the heritage their forefathers built, a precious fortune that they tend with a passion for excellence.

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