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FLOR DE CALASPARRA Bomba Paella Rice D.O. Calasparra 2.2 lbs

FLOR DE CALASPARRA Bomba Paella Rice D.O. Calasparra 2.2 lbs

Packing: 35 oz (1 kg)
Code: 5098SP

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FLOR DE CALASPARRA Bomba is the authentic Paella rice! The choice of the right rice for Paella, like that for risotto, is fundamental. The more coveted of two Calasparra strains (which represent just half of one percent of the rice produced in Spain), Bomba rice had nearly disappeared due to the rigor of its cultivation, before chefs who understood the path to the perfect Paella clamored for its return.

Grown at an elevation of 1,300 feet in the ancient Roman aqueduct system of irrigation, which channels a constant influx of cold water into the paddies from fresh mountain streams, the grain’s unique texture comes from its slow maturation. Harder and drier than other rices, this short-grained strain has the capacity to absorb three times its volume in broth (as opposed to two times for most rice). Thus it keeps its firm integrity. It maintains the body and texture required for Paella, so unlike the creamy, soft, starchiness desired of a risotta rice. The subtle difference? Bomba expands wide instead of long.

Calasparra rices are the only ones in Spain to have attained the distinction of “denomination of origin.” Rigorous standards for the rice’s unique characteristics and authenticity are regulated and controlled by a special council. Growers jealously guard the quality of produce of the 1,700 acres they cultivate yearly.

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