Italian Olives
CINQUINA Green Cracked Paterno Olives 19.6 oz

CINQUINA Green Cracked Paterno Olives 19.6 oz

Packing: 19.6 oz 580 ml)
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Cinquina - Passion for the Mediterranean Flavor!

A few olives and a slice of bread ... how much culture and tradition is conveyed with this simple gesture offered to a friend. Picture the sun shining on the green hills in Abruzzo, below the Majella mountain where the best olives are selected by Cinquina with passion and care from ancient olive groves. These wonderful large, green Paterno olives are cracked with a knife to soften the flesh and allow the spicy infusion of sunflower and olive oil, garlic, salt and hot peppers to saturate the olives with a succulent flavor that pairs nicely with any table cheese or salami. When olives are slightly punctured like this, it facilitates the curing and makes the olive even easier to eat. Enjoy these Mediterranean specialty olives wrapped with bacon or just together with a nice chunk of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese!

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