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CINQUINA Green Cerignola Olives Size 3G 19.6 oz

CINQUINA Green Cerignola Olives Size 3G 19.6 oz

Packing: 19.6 oz 580 ml)
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Cinquina's Green Cerignola 3G Olives, or in Italian Bella Di Cerignola, offer a mild, buttery flavor and crisp bite. This particular olive is great as an introduction to table olives for the inexperienced palate. Exclusively grown in the province of Foggia, which is located in Puglia, Italy, Cerignola olives are named for the town, Cerignola where they originated. Cerignolas impress with their almost abnormal size, about that of a pecan, resulting in a wonderful meatiness no other olive can deliver. A relatively quick de-bittering curing process leads to a fresher olive, with a semi-firm texture and extremely mild flavor. Due to their large size, Cerignola olives are perfect for antipasto and appetizer plates to serve at parties and they als make a stunning garnish on a dish. Once opened, the olives should be rinsed to remove excess salt. Then you can toss them in olive oil and allow to marinate for a few hours. Mix in some herbs or spices and they are ready to be served with your favorite cocktail!

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