Italian Olive Oil
CINQUINA Red Cerignola Olives Size 2G 19.6 oz

CINQUINA Red Cerignola Olives Size 2G 19.6 oz

Packing: 19.6 oz 580 ml)
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Like its green and black counterparts, which are the same olive but at a different ripening stage, our Cinquina Red Cerignola Olives are grown exclusively in the Foggia province of Puglia, Italy. The curing process is what makes this delicious olive stand apart with its red, red hue. After standard color and size selection, the olives are placed in a caustic soda, or lye, solution for approximately 10 hours. The olives are then thoroughly washed and put into brine tanks for a minimum of four weeks. During the process, the Red Bella di Cerignola Olive is dyed in a patent dying process of the La Bella di Cerignola Consortium. Red Cerignola Olives are a great introduction to table olives since they are mild and buttery, slightly salty and wonderfully meaty! The size is definitely what sets them apart, Cerignola olives are the largest olives in the world and therefore meat, meat, meat is what you get. Great for appetizer platters or with a nice cocktail!

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