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VILLA REALE Italian Black Olive Pate 6.35 oz

VILLA REALE Italian Black Olive Pate 6.35 oz

Packing: 6.35 oz (180 g)
Code: 5233IT

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VILLA REALE Black Olive Paté, loaded with black olives, makes a perfect bruschetta and garnished with an anchovy, served on a tray of antipasti or appetizers or a snack, bringing the flavor and aromas of the Mediterranean to your table. With melted mozzarella on toasty chiabatta, alongside fresh tomatoes with basil, this black olive paté is a meal.

Villa Reale Paté is the creation of the 23-year-old Campo d’Oro of Paolo Licata company, with a family tradition committed to producing only the best gourmet foods. In keeping with the authentic and delicious Sicilian traditions, all main ingredients are processed with artisanal methods: only the freshest hand-picked ingredients, some still worked by hand, and efficiently processed and packaged using modern techniques.

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