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CRESPI Black Olive Tapenade with Capers 4.59 oz

CRESPI Black Olive Tapenade with Capers 4.59 oz

Packing: 4.59 oz (130 g)
Code: 5240IT

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Thick with richly ripe black olives, CRESPI Black Olive Tapenade includes two traditional Ligurian favorites: anchovies and capers. “Tapenade” is actually a name derived from tapano, the word for capers in the dialect of Liguria, on the coast of northwest Italy. Another principle ingredient in this tasty capers and olive tapenade is its extra virgin olive oil from the taggiasca olive, brought forth with the same artisanal methods as in ancient times: stone grinding, gentle cold-pressing, and natural decantation.

The Crespi family already owned its olive groves and oil mills in 1777. “We put the Crespi name on all our packages of oil, olives and pesto,” said Livio Crespi, the head of the company today. “We would never put it there if we weren’t absolutely certain of the quality of our products.”

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